The Origin of EDEN

Born on the 2nd of January in the year of change, 2012, and founded by
a two-spirit person, they told me that EDEN was destined to be different.

The word EDEN is an abbreviation for 'Escuela Del Equilibrio Natural’ which is a Spanish translation for 'School of Natural Balance'. These words form the pure essence in the physical, mental and spiritual development of man and horse.

Why do you have a horse? If it's not merely for the sake of love,
you should get yourself another toy. There should be only one reason why we have horses and that's because we simply ... love them.
Any other reason does and will never be as weighty as this one.

If we want to communicate with horses without losing this profound reason, we first have to communicate in their language.
The language of the horses is the language of nature itself ...
a language of the most subtle body awareness and language.

By observing, learning and adopting their language, we are able to enter the world of horses and communicate with them to enable us to do ground work and riding in a way that the horse completely understands.

From the moment we communicate with the horse ... we experience ourselves in a dialogue with a being which lives deeply connected with nature and is bond to live according to the laws of nature.

The body never lies! If you are standing in front of your horse and you can't embody the leadership that is required, the horse will not follow. If we are not embodying the leadership and force the horse, the horse will refuse (bite, kick, attack etc.) or even worse ... simply retreat, broken and being unhappy for the rest of his life ...

As darkness sneakes in, irritation settles. The day after, we can only say: "Joy has left the place a long time ago.".

There is no difficulty in forcing the horse to do what you want. Everyone can do that.
But ... there is an art in guiding the horse to fall
in love with your ideas, to want what you want.
— Jason Alexander Wauters - Founder & Teacher of EDEN

Welcome to 'The Third Way'. The way of the horse. This being with horses is what I call 'The Art of Horsemanship': an art in which we develop ourselves into the person that the horse continuously seeks.

As in all arts of life, ’The Art of Horsemanship’ brings us in touch
with the wisdom of life, so we can discover in each moment
the most beautiful version of our ‘Self’.

The insights we experience in our work with the horses can bring us a better relationship with our horse but here comes the best thing:
we invest these insights in our daily lifes so we can build our lifes towards small shrines of peace, happiness and the upmost feeling of harmony.

Althought EDEN is young, she is found all over the world with activities which are spread from Europe to Oceania (Australia and New Zealand).

Together with a growing group of people, EDEN offers activities in the development of the ‘Self’ to increase the awareness, build human capital, enhance quality of life and contribute to the realization of dreams from students all over the world.

Hence, EDEN is not just a school.
It's the place within ourselves where we are all connected.

It's from this place that I salute you,
From EDEN with love,

— Jason Alexander Wauters
- Founder & Teacher of EDEN

Artwork BY Nolan N. Nasser

— Nolan N. Nasser - Artist (United States of America)