1| EDEN'S Boot Camp

— Program
3-day private course

The program of the Boot Camp is designed as ... a giant leap forward.

The Boot Camp gives you a profound connection with your horse(s) enabling your insights to be manifested deep into your daily life. Hence, the program is suitable for everyone who wishes to take
'a big step' forward into the world of horses ... and life in general. This makes it ideal for those who just begin and those who want to take things further than before.

The program consists of an intense combination of:

  • Theory
    — Analysing the horses in conformation and character.
  • Exercise
    — Body awareness and language to music.
  • Practice
    — The art of horsemanship in groundwork and/ or riding.

You are welcome to individualize your Boot Camp. Whenever you would like to cover a specific topic,
you can inform us about it in order that your program can be adjusted to your specific needs and wishes.

The Boot Camp provides students with long-term growth, rooted in their own life ...
waiting to flourish over the years to come:

Wow. How do I begin to explain the experience that has made a life-long impression not only in my mind, but in my heart and soul.
— Nick Sysak (United States of America)


— Place
At your location

The Boot Camp takes place at your location — wherever you are in the world, EDEN comes to you.

Students from EDEN are spread from the Northern to the Southern Hemisphere of the world coming from:

  • The Benelux Union
    (Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg)

  • Germany,
  • France,
  • Greece,
  • The United States of America,
  • Australia,
  • New Zealand.

Are you from the Benelux Union?
Since we can only allow a limited number of students to enroll in the Boot Camp, this formula is only accessible for students outside the Benelux Union. If you are from Belgium, the Netherlands or Luxembourg, we recommend the Quest which offers a unique set of private teachings at your location every single week of the season. Something those foreigners are only dreaming of.

In exchange, you can imagine we had to come up with something special for the people from abroad.
Hence, the birth of the Boot Camp and ... a golden gift for the very first soul of each country that enrolls in a Boot Camp: so the 'First Soul' discount saw the light.

Are you from a 'new' country (not listed above)?
Our growing community contains over 150 students as new students from all around the world are joining EDEN's network with each passing year. If you are coming from a country that isn't yet listed above, we would love to welcome you as our 'first soul' with a very special offer:

For every student of a new country (a country not mentioned on the list above) that enrolls in a Boot Camp, we are happy to grant you the 'First Soul' discount (25% reduction on the total fee).

Note! The 'First Soul' discount can only be granted to one student (= the first) per country only.


— Period —

A Boot Camp would not be a 'Boot Camp' if it wasn't an intensive course of three days.

The daily schedule consists of four sessions:

  • 08hr30 — 10hr00
    short break
  • 10hr30 — 12hr00
    long break
  • 14hr30 — 16hr00
    short break
  • 16hr30 — 18hr00
    end of the day

*The student can book minimum one Boot Camp (3 days) and maximum two Boot Camps (6 days + 1 rest day) per season. In case of two Boot Camps, there will be one day off in between the Boot Camps.


— Price —
2.700,- EURO*

EDEN offers an all-in formula for 2.700,- EURO which involves one entire Boot Camp (3 days) and the complete transport to and from your location. The student makes the necessary arrangements to accomodate the teacher during his entire stay. Because of the fact that all the teachings happen at your home, this formula is called unanimously by students as 'the life-changer'.

What can you expect of a Boot Camp?

  • Holistic
    — You receive 3 full days of quality time for your body and mind.
    Since EDEN insists on an holistic approach, we aren't just limited to horse work alone but open doors to all other fields connected. We give you keys for seeing 'the bigger picture'.
  • Individual
    — The teachings are adjusted to your individual needs and wishes.
    Because of the Boot Camps private nature, the student can't share the teachings with any other student. We commit solely to you.
  • Time saving
    — Since EDEN offers to do the horse work with your own horse, we can solve problems at their roots. We can define a problem as the gap between what you wish to have and what you have at this moment in time. It's the latter that shows us that we don't see all the possibilities at our own location yet ... untill someone shows it. This process shows new ways to enrich your skills and knowledge. The process? Carefully adjusted to your home. The results? They ... just simply happen.

If you would like to book your Boot Camp or you have more questions, be welcome to connect with us:

*In the pursuit of making EDEN accessible for all, we are led by our students to a new price system:

  • 3.600,- EURO | 1st rate | For professionals
    — all people with the age from 25 years that are professionally active with any domain
    (partially or fully) related to the teachings of EDEN.
  • 2.700,- EURO | 2nd rate | For amateurs
    — all people with the age from 25 years that are not professionally active with any domain
    (partially or fully) related to the teachings of EDEN.
  • 1.800,- EURO | 3rd rate | For youngsters
    — all people with the age from 9 up to 24 years.

Note! Check the list with countries above to see whether we can grant you the 'First Soul' discount
(25% reduction on the total fee).


— Yvonne Jansen (the Netherlands)
Artist & Actrice