About Nele Van Putte

A very good friend once taught me a very precious thing: every evening I would review the day that had just passed to think of everything for which I could be grateful. Amongst other things, this taught me to examine everything more closely, with the result that I became more open to the beauty shining through the concerns of everyday life. Every single day I am still especially grateful for this! Now I do not even wait for the evening. Throughout the day I see all of the small gifts that come my way. And the more open I am to them, the more numerous they become!

As such, I am thankful for everything and everyone that has inspired me and has contributed to my ongoing awareness and personal growth. I have experienced a number of exceptional years! Least of all, I would like to make a deep bow to my horse, Uka, in this respect.

More than any other creature, she has shown me the essential protective mechanisms and traps which I have subconsciously carried around with me in my life. She has taken me through the deeper layers and the significance of what it means to relate to horses, myself and other humans! How striking our concerns are, and how parallel they run with each other!

Do you believe in coincidence?

Uka has also taught me what the effects are of the most common training methods, those based on conditioning. Before my very eyes, I saw her “close the door”. While most horses even surrendered their bodies (sadly enough), I also saw Uka freeze physically. She closed herself off from any contact. After all, this type of training focuses
on desirable behaviour ...

“Desirable behaviour”
but desirable for whom?!

It completely ignores the fact that the horse is unable to develop its optimum mental ability to become their splendid self, that they are unable to perform the task assigned to them in this world! After all, the horse’s soul has been killed.

The parallel with my own life has been remarkable!
Growing up as a highly sensitive being in a society in which achievements are important, as well as good behaviour … and then to be assessed on that basis. My soul also narrowly escaped drowning! Fortunately, who I really am gradually became visible. What I learned more than anything else was to see this for myself and to re-establish contact with my own feelings and desires! This has really allowed me to grow. It enriches my life every singly day.

After all,
having your essence
acknowledged and respected enables
every creature to grow!

It is only when deep contact occurs at the level of the soul that individual nodes and desires become visible and one is able to offer healing to both horses and humans. This is the only way which I feel is true for me and I am therefore exceptionally grateful for the opportunity to learn from Jason Alexander Wauters! He has already taught me a great deal about life in the broadest sense of the term! For this reason my enthusiasm knows no bounds, because I have the opportunity to carry his vision into the world!



— Nele Van Putte (Belgium)
Trainee of EDEN


 — Andrew-Glyn Smail
Horses and Humans Facilitator


— EDEN - Escuela Del Equilibrio Natural