About Jason Alexander Wauters


In EDEN vormt de lichaamstaal de brug tussen mens en paard.
Zo wordt de 'omgang met het paard' verheven tot een 'kunst'.

Er zijn 3 focuspunten die het diepgaande en gevarieerde lesaanbod van Jason vormgeven met thema's voor beginners tot gevorderden:

1) Ontwikkeling van mens:

  • Technische training in theorie (kennis) en praktijk (vaardigheden) ondersteund met oefeningen in lichaamsbewustzijn en -taal voor een optimale opleiding tot verzorger, trainer, ruiter en coach.

2) Ontwikkeling van paard:

  • Grondwerk (vrijheidswerk, longeerwerk en leidwerk),
  • Rijden (inrijden, gymnastiek en dressuur),
  • Analyse van karakter en conformatie van recreatie- en/ of sportpaarden (voor prestatieverbetering),
  • Gedragsanalyse en -therapie in het geval van trauma
    (extreme angst en agressie),
  • Fokkerij (opleiding van dekhengsten, begeleiding van fokmerries, eerste contact met veulens).

3) Ontwikkeling van de brug (tussen mens en paard):

  • Coaching op basis van de taal van het lichaam, een gemeenschappelijke taal die ons in staat stelt op biosystemische manier te leren van en over elkaar. Deze vormt onbewust onze primaire vorm van communicatie die bestaat uit een continue overdracht van lichaamsuitdrukkingen die een rijkelijke schat aan informatie herbergen.



Anno 2012, Jason Alexander Wauters founded EDEN which is an abbreviation for ‘Escuela Del Equilibrio Natural’ literally meaning
'School Of Natural Balance'.

These last words form the pure essence of his teachings. As in all arts of life, an authentic way of working with horses brings you in touch with the wisdom of life, so you can discover in each moment the most balanced version of yourself and the other in front of you.

The 'other' is not limited to a horse ... The term extends itself to all life surrounding you: from a single horse to nature in the broadest sense of the word. This unique way of working with horses is one of the most influential arts of life at this very moment.

EDEN is a school for ‘The Art Of Horsemanship’ and offers a spectrum of activities for the physical and mental development of man and horse in relation to themselves and each other.

Jason is specialised in the development of your 'self' by
increasing the level of body awareness and language,
enhancing the quality of life and contributing to the realization of dreams from people all over the world in relation with each other.

In fewer than three years he became a world renowned horseman with students from the Northern to the Southern Hemisphere of the world coming from Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, France,
Greece, the United States of America, Australia and New Zealand.

More countries are joining EDEN's network with each passing year.


Klaus Ferdinand Hempfling



tribute to the past

"The past is an essential part for me and keeps on forming my present and future moments in ways I didn't know were possible.
It gave me the chance to grow far beyond what is called 'normal'.

I am transgender and currently in a transition from female to male.

From the moment I talk about experiences before my transition, I refer to myself as Jasmijn Anne-Marie Wauters. I have come to love this part and I will cherish this feminine part in me, forever."

Check "What does your identity have to do with horses?" for more:

It will change your lives forever.
— Gabrielle Temple-Adams (New Zealand)
The clinic with Jason was
a life-changing experience and leaves me wanting
to learn more and more from him.
— Kellie Jaros (The United States Of America)
Jason is a professional through and through.
He has an unrivalled feel for what a horse really needs. He is also acutely aware of what a human needs in relation to a horse (or without one).
— Yvonne Jansen (The Netherlands)
Three days with Jason Alexander Wauters brought me to the end of my lifelong search for true horsemanship as well as my never ending quest for self improvement.
— Hanna Brandt (Canada)