"the eye"

The eye
of the soul
holds the vision
the perfected being.
— Maurie D. Pressman & Patricia Joudry

Officiële naam: Eno Del Cid

Geboorte: 2009

Geslacht: Hengst

Vachtkleur: Schimmel

Ras: Pura Raza Española
de Estirpe Cartujana (Cartujano)

Aquila is de dekhengst van EDEN

He wrote beautiful pages
in the book of the history of man

and he still guards the key which opens
the door of enchantment
and makes one forget the affronts of life.
— Juan Llamas - Author of 'The Spanish Horse In Drawings'

Stamboek: ANCCE

Fokkerij: Yeguada El Cid

Vader: Libio

Moeder: Herradora IX

Keuring: /

Aantal nakomelingen: 2

In de kern:

adelaarsoog/ inzicht

fijnbesnaard/ invloed

stilte/ intens

argeloos/ puur

the dedication
of Carthusian monks,
the purest line of Andalusian blood would have been lost to the world.
— University of Oklahoma Press